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You Are
What You Eat
A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet. Learn from the experts, including pediatric gastroenterologists from Goryeb Children’s Hospital and professional nutritionists from the College of St. Elizabeth, with hands-on workshops and demonstrations for kids and parents. Topics will include healthy snacks, quick meal ideas, and making healthy food choices.
Kids Hands on Cooking
begins every 30 mins
This hands on workshop, led by Registered Dietitians from Shop Rite, will teach kids how to prepare their own healthy, yet easy –to-make snacks with ingredients you can find in your pantry! Kids can cook! And will be taught in small groups with a nutritionist assisting them. Parents are encouraged to attend and watch.

Kids Recipes (pdf)
Healthy Meals for Your Children - Parents Workshop
begins every 30 mins
Learn how to feed your children healthy foods and even get them involved in the cooking! Led by a Chef and Registered Dietitian from ShopRite, you will learn techniques that will help you incorporate vegetables and other nutrient dense ingredients into everyday meals. And the best news is that your children will love it!

Shoprite Dietitians (pdf)
Nutrition Fun Facts
all-day activity
Do you know how much sugar is in a can of soda? How about how many calories in our fast food sandwiches? You’ll learn these facts about some of our favorite foods and more. A pediatric gastroenterologist from Goryeb Children’s Hospital will be on hand to answer your questions about common & uncommon stomach problems found in children.
Got Milk
all-day activity
The American Dairy Association shares the importance of healthy eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle and/or growing up. With food samples, exercises, menu ideas and more, there’s something for everybody at this exhibit. Don’t miss the Milk Mustache photo booth where you can get your photo taken just like the celebrities do!
Biology = Funology
Here’s your chance to walk through your body! Pediatric cardiologists and neurologists from Goryeb Children’s Hospital will be your tour guides through larger-than-life heart and brain exhibits. Learn how these organs work, and ask questions of the doctors and staff.
Inside the Brain
all-day activity
Here’s your chance to walk through the brain. Pediatric neurologists from Goryeb Children’s Hospital will be your tour guides through larger-than-life brain filled with fun facts and interaction. Learn how the brain works, and ask questions of our neurologists and their team of experts.
Inside the Heart
all-day activity
Here’s your chance to walk through the heart. Pediatric cardiologists and their team from Goryeb Children’s Hospital will be your tour guides through larger-than-life heart filled with fun facts and interaction. Learn how this amazing muscle keeps us healthy, active and growing strong and ask questions of our cardiologists and their team of experts.
Got Oxygen?
all-day activity
Breathing well is key to being healthy. Get your oxygen level checked and see in detail the fascinating way that airways and lungs work to keep your body at its best. Meet with our expert team of pediatric respiratory care specialists - pulmonologists, nurses, and respiratory therapists- and learn how we diagnose kids with asthma, sleep disorders, and many other respiratory conditions with our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.
CPR & Basic First Aid Training

all-day activity
Hosted by the Red Cross of Northern NJ, this session will introduce people to the basics for first aid training and CPR. Join the Red Cross for 30 minute training sessions at 11am, noon, 1pm and 2pm.
A Journey Through Rhythm
11am - 2pm
An interactive 25-45 minute class/workshop for children and adults of all ages, teaching the balance of mind, body, soul, art and culture, through various forms of creative rhythmic expression.
Picasso in Training
all-day activity
Learn about the healing powers of art. Led by art therapists from Goryeb Children’s Hospital, this workshop teaches kids the power of art in therapy by creating their own work of art to take home.
Sports Zone

Play like a pro… with the pros!  Red Bulls’ professional trainers, Parisi Speed School, and Goryeb Children’s Hospital Kid-Fit program experts will take your child’s sports talent to the next level.

Red Bull’s Soccer Clinic

12pm - 2pm
The Red Bulls are bringing their street team and athletic trainers to show fans what the pros are doing on and off the soccer field to maximize their soccer skills. This high-energy clinic is sure to have something for fans of all ages.
Parisi Speed School

begins every 30 mins
Jump into the action with these mini-clinics designed to showcase best practices in cross-training for various sports. Led by experts from Parisi Speed School and Atlantic Sports Health, your young athlete will learn how to take their skills and determination to the next level.
begins every 30 mins
Goryeb Children’s Hospital’s renowned Kid-FIT Program will get you moving with fun fitness challenges. Exercise physiologists and nutritionists from Goryeb’s Kid-FIT program will show you how to incorporate activity and good nutrition into everyday life for children of all ages. Learn how to maximize your child’s potential for improved performance in their sports and show your kids how exercise can be FUN.
Rock Wall
all-day activity
Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? See how high your child can climb with this 20-foot, kid-friendly rock wall.
(weather permitting)
Get Moving
11am, 11:30am and noon
It’s fun to be fit with yoga and nia classes. Learn the basic movements, and bring fun and fitness into your life. These mini demonstrations, led by a certified fitness instructor from the YMCA, will give you a sampling of the latest moves.

Cool Hospital Toys

Working at a hospital has its benefits! Now you can have a hands-on experience as a surgeon with the daVinci surgical robot or as a paramedic inside the life-saving ambulance.

daVinci® Robot
all-day activity
Be a surgeon for the day! Check out the daVinci® robot challenge to see who has the steadiest hand. Come see how Goryeb Children Hospital’s expert surgeons operate with a demo of daVinci robot. And take the controls yourself to get a truly unique perspective.
Hospital Play Find Your Way
all-day activity
Children will explore the hospital world through play using “hospital equipment”, x-rays, dolls and other activities.
Rescue Vehicles: Red Cross Fire Safety Trailer

all-day activity
The Red Cross brings their 25ft Fire Safety Trailer for children to walk through and learn about fire safety and prevention in the home.
Spot the Tot
all-day activity
Sponsored by SafeKids NJ, this session teaches families about preventable injuries that occur in driveways and parking lots when drivers are unaware that children are near vehicles.

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